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In two weeks time, I will be riding in the GFNY World Championship New York Gran Fondo.

This is a 100-mile bike race with over 8,500ft of climbing. It starts at the George Washington Bridge in New York, the route goes upstate to Bear Mountain and back again to finish in Fort Lee New Jersey.

This race falls 8 days after Ironman 70.3 Mallorca and the day after the Brooklyn Half Marathon, both of which I intend to race flat out. Chances are, I won’t be at 100% come the 19th May.

To date, I have actually only ever gone into triple digits twice. First in 2017 when I cycled 110-miles from Kinsman AZ to Hoover Dam NV on day 4 of the ARIZONA TO LAS VEGAS CYCLE CHALLENGE 2017 the second time was in May 2018 on day 1 of the DELUX TRADE LONDON REVOLUTION ride.

The challenge this time is not just the distance but also the amount of climbing that is involved. 8,500ft will be the most I have climbed during one ride.

In 2018 I did the Ride London-Surrey 100 ride, where the distance ended up coming in under 95-miles after a few detours due to accidents. This took over 9 hours elapsed and over 6 hours moving time (note the 3-hour difference due to standing around waiting for crowded roads to clear).


I am pretty relaxed about this one, I will have tired legs from the half marathon 24-hours prior, in addition to the fatigue from Ironman 70.3 Mallorca.

I am not going to go crazy and set some unrealistic goal of riding sub 5 hours, especially given the hills.

I will also be hiring a bike from whilst I am in New York, although it is similar to my race bike, in fact, its the model above mine so it should be better. It is still a new bike that I have never been on before so that may take a little getting used to. But like the saying goes. It’s just like riding a bike.

So the goal is just to have fun and enjoy this experience. It’s not every day you get to enjoy New York state on a bike.

If pushed for a time goal, I would like to come home under 6 hours.


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