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With two weeks to go until race day I thought I would set out my goal for the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

My goal is simple. I am going here to race, I have been targetting this race since I signed up for the NYRR Virtual 6 programme in March 2018. This was how I got my place in the race and has been a goal race since.

Although I am racing Ironman 70.3 Mallorca 7 days before the Brooklyn Half I am still going out to run a PB.

My official half marathon PB is 1:29.27 which was set in May 2018, although I did beat this by running 1:28.31 as part of the Tokyo Marathon two months ago.

The course looks quick and although there are some hills in the first 6 miles, the rest of it is either downhill or flat. Ironically, the course profile looks very similar to the Rock n Roll Liverpool Half course where I ran my PB.

The Brooklyn Half is the biggest half marathon in North America with over 26,000 finishers last year. From what I have seen, the first mile can be a little crowded but after that, there is space to be found. Looks similar to the New York City marathon in that sense.

From my two experiences running through Brooklyn in the 2017 and 2018 New York City Marathons, I know the crowd support is going to be amazing and give such a boost. Unlike the NYC marathon, there looks to be some dead spots with no support but that’s just like every other training run. Keep focused and keep pushing.


  1. Beat my PB, in fact, beat the 1:28.31 from Tokyo so that there is no doubt what my half marathon PB time is.

That’s it, no other goals, I am just going all out to run a PB, most likely with a sub 1:25 in mind. That sort of speed does depend on how fatigued my body feels after a half Ironman.

You have to push these boundaries to be your best so let’s go for it.


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