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Ok, so this is a day later than planned so apologies for that but after a 22-hour door to door trip yesterday, I just wanted to spend half an hour with my daughter before she went to bed and then I wasn’t far behind her. Family always has to come first.

Right, not a lot to write up from day 6, sadly my time in Tokyo was over and it was back to the UK ready to head back into work and start saving for the next adventure.

I was flying from Narita at 12:30pm which meant arriving at the airport 3-hours prior. The N’ex train from Shinjuku was an 85-minute journey. I set my alarm for 5:50am and hit the breakfast buffet shortly after 6, I thought this was going to be cheaper than getting breakfast at the airport.

I met up with Damien again and we headed to Shinjuku station to get the 8:06 train. I did a little reading up on Shinjuku station before leaving and was amazed that it has over 200 entrances / exits and 53 platforms!! it is no wonder we were taking ages to find our way around the station.

Whilst on the train to Narita I used the time to catch up on my Twitter messages and posted my traditional #MedalMonday post. Rather than posting the Tokyo Marathon medal, I had planned ahead and brought all of my World Marathon Major medals out with me and took a photo of my collection.


Once at the airport, we dropped off our pocket WiFi’s, dropped the bags off and got through security. It was all really fast and efficient. The flight from Tokyo to Copenhagen left on time, we had a very short 50min window between landing in Copenhagen and departing for Manchester so we had been a little worried but that turned out to be fine. In fact, we landed 20 mins early. Whilst waiting at the airport in Tokyo, I spotted a girl who had ran the marathon and I was convinced I knew her from somewhere, most likely Instagram, but I didn’t dare to say I knew her but couldn’t remember her name, I am terrible at remembering faces and names. Instead, I just asked her how the race went and what plans she had after this. General running stuff. It turns out we do follow each other on Instagram and had already commented on each others posts, small world eh, but I guess we are all travelling in the same circle going to these big races around the world.


On the flight, I purchased the WiFi, intending to write this blog but WordPress wouldn’t update past my day 3 post so I gave that up as a bad job. To be fair, in-flight WiFi is never that fast so it was to be expected.

Instead, I spent the next 8-hours social media’ing. My last two Instagram posts had gone a bit crazy with comments, typically I would get 1 maybe 2 on a good day and I always like to reply to every single message. My Saturday and Sunday posts had over 400 comments meaning I was in for the long haul with the replying to every message routine. When I turned my phone on this morning (in Tokyo), it had come up with over 3,500 Instagram notifications. Totally mind blowing!!

Anyway, after 8 hours of trying to catch up, I gave up and watched Predator.

When we got back into Manchester I was straight through security and bag off the belt really early. I was in the car and on the way home less than an hour after taking off.

This was great as it gave me the hope of making it home to see my daughter before she went to bed. After a 22-hour trip across the globe, I managed to get half an hour with her before she went to bed which was so nice to have a cuddle and kiss after 5 days without seeing her.

That wraps up my trip to Tokyo.

I had an amazing, unforgettable time in Tokyo, I ran the race of my life and ran a time that I never thought I was capable of. I did miss read the Boston Qualifying standards when I thought I was 8:52 under, my required time is actually 3:05, not 3:10 which gives me a 3:52 buffer so I am not sure whether that is going to be good enough or not now. My guess is, it won’t be so I may try to run faster in Manchester, but that’s for another day. For now, I am really happy to have run a PB and backed up what I did in New York.


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