Race Recap


So, this wasn’t a planned race, although I had it on my radar for the past few months I didn’t want to overload myself with too many races in September, but considering I already had five races booked for this month, why not throw in another one. Its all good practice right?

Saturday evening I noticed that one of my Instagram friends was offering a couple of spaces in the race so I sent her a message and luckily she had one available still so that was it, mind made up. I am running a 10k race in the morning. Having already ran two 10k training runs during week 18 of my Berlin marathon training I knew I was in a fairly decent place for this race, not PB condition having missed three weeks recently with injury but good enough to run a sub 43:00 four days ago so the plan was to run around 7min pace and see how it feels.

I got to Tatton Park nice and early to meet Caithy to sort out my bib for today, she was also doing the warm up for everyone and man did we need a warm up, those hot summer days are starting to fade into a distant memory now, it was chilly and quite breezy too. The runners were called up to the start line at 8:25am!! very early one but nice to get it done with and back home to warm up. I settled for standing in the sub 45 minute area, I thought sub 40 was just a bit too hopeful and I don’t want to be in the way of the fast guys and girls.


Off we went and as ever, I went off too quickly but I don’t go with the flow any more, I do stick to what is a comfortable (if not too fast) pace for ME, I don’t really care what the other runs are doing and that they are charging past me, I know I can run at a certain pace so I try to run that pace for each of the 6-miles, in this case I was running a 7min pace, or at least that was the plan. The course was pretty flat, a few ups and downs but nothing too hilly, those of you who have never been to Tatton Park, the park grounds are lovely and quite distracting. I have never ran around the park but have cycled through here a few times in the past. I spent the first 3 miles running with a group of four guys who were all going around a similar pace to me, occasionally one of us would pull ahead and then get dragged back, I found this useful for keeping my pace up and consistently under 7 mins, around 3.5-miles we came upon an uphill section, which wasn’t huge but after running on the flat the legs felt it. This is where my group fell apart and two guys dropped back, I felt ok still despite slowing my pace to 7:21, we got to the top, turned around and ran back down the hill, now this felt good!!


I caught and passed a couple more runners in mile 5 before joining a group of seven guys in mile 6, just as we hit the 9k marker one of the marshals was telling us what position we were in. 34th he shouted at me, now I have never had a top 30 finish in any race other than the local Parkrun and having seven guys in front of me, this REALLY spurred me on. I know I have a quick finish in me, but do these guys? they do look pretty knackered to me so I went for it, picking them off one by one, getting past all seven of them with 200m to go, now can I sprint hard enough to maintain this place? I had a cheeky look back but the next guy was a good 3 or 4 seconds back so I just maintained my pace over the line and as you can tell from the next photo, I did the all too familiar Cheshire Runner finish line pose aka stopping my watch.


Official chip time was 42:23 which was my 3rd fastest 10k race and the 4th time going sub 43 this year. I came home in 27th overall out of a field of 314 runners and 2nd in my age group.

Splits 1-6.2 Miles: 6:44, 6:43, 6:58, 7:21, 6:48, 6:54, 5:45

Really pleased with that mornings work. On to the Sandbach 10k in a weeks time, but I think that one will be ran slower intentionally with Berlin just two weeks after that, I can’t risk an injury at this stage.


The Tatton 10k was ran by RunThrough UK who as ever, put on a great event, very well organised and really reasonably priced which always helps. The medal was fab just like the Cheshire 10k and Heaton Park 10k’s previously and not forgetting the flapjack!! now these are the real reason I keep coming back to Run Through events, their flapjacks are awesome and HUGE!


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